These things can increase an individual’s chances of thinking about or attempting suicide.

  • Mental illnesses and disorders, such as:

    • Depression

    • Bipolar disorder

    • Schizophrenia

    • Substance abuse problems

    • Personality traits of aggression, mood changes, and poor relationships

    • Conduct disorder

  • Serious physical health conditions, such as intense, chronic pain

  • Traumatic brain injury


  • Having access to lethal means (firearms, drugs, prescription medications, etc.)

  • Prolonged stress (bullying, unemployment, harassment, or relationship problems)

  • Stressful and/or sudden life events and changes (rejection, divorce, financial crisis or bereavement)

  • Exposure to someone else’s suicide

  • Lack of accessing behavioral health care services


  • Suicide attempts

  • Suicide in family, community, or school

  • Childhood abuse, neglect, or trauma